Latest News

Latest News

Andrew Slater talking to hairdressing students

14 September 2023

A cutting-edge talk!
Collage of brunette smiling student alongside the University of Lancaster logo.

18 February 2021

Amazing Alumna Success
Collage for 2 images; left image of female smiling while holding a drawing of an elephant. Right image of fine drawing of an elephant with green plants and a pot of black pens.

23 October 2020

Creative Conservation
Coronavirus Update

24 September 2020

Coronavirus Update
Collage of blonde female wearing blue cancer research UK t-shirt.

15 September 2020

Run Chloe, Run!
Poster containing 9 graphics representing 9 different types of female portraits with no facial features. Poster contains college logo and #FearlessFemales

05 March 2020

Here Come the Girls
Male student in graduation cap and gown holding a scroll

03 February 2020

HND Student makes IT
College christmas tree with graduation photo hung on the wall in the background.

17 December 2019

We 'Tree' Kings
Group photo of higher education students

12 December 2019

CIPD Student Award Success
Group photo of nursery children in a classroom and dressed up for their nativity play.

06 December 2019

New Beginnings Nativity
Close up facial picture of female with yellow and white flowery eye makeup, daisies attached to her temples and with small braid across the top of her head.

16 September 2019

Hippie, Hippie, Hooray!
Group of male students stood smiling in front of large white drapes. Student in the middle holding a blue, handheld games device.

08 January 2019

Level Up!