HoW College and YMCA Worcestershire Team Up to Support the Local Community

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HoW College and YMCA Worcestershire Team Up to Support the Local Community

04 October 2019

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Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) are working in partnership with YMCA Worcestershire to deliver a Maintaining a Tenancy course to a selection of its service users to support young people in sustaining long term accommodation.

The pilot programme, which launched last month, consists of a five week course delivered by HoW College. It aims to teach residents the life skills needed to maintain a tenancy, including budgeting and paying bills.

Talking about the need for this type of course, a spokesperson from YMCA Worcestershire said:

“Some of the young people that live with us have never lived on their own before and this course will enable them to manage a tenancy successfully and build brighter futures within the community.”

Alongside the support that residents receive at YMCA, this course will offer practical skills that can be applied to their everyday life. This can support them to secure and maintain long term accommodation. By providing this course at this stage in the young person’s life this will prevent further issues from occurring and the need for housing support in the future.

Adding what this can mean to the residents, they added:

“Young people today and it harder than ever to get on the property ladder and this course will provide skills that can support then in their future. This is going to give our clients more skills and opportunities to be able to move out of YMCA accommodation and into independent living. The course enables them to put in to practice things they have learnt in college and gives them the confidence to apply it in their housing choices.”

In the future both HoW College and the YMCA Worcestershire hope to continue running the Maintaining a Tenancy course on a regular basis, across the Worcestershire area.

HoW College prides itself on working with local businesses to help the community. To find out more about HoW College’s Foundation Learning provision, please visit