Our Vision Our Values

Our Vision Our Values

Mission Statement

Inspire, Innovate, Advance

Vision Statement

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) offers distinctly vocational, technical, professional and community education. Our purpose is offering and delivering education and the development of skills to empower individuals, strengthen our local communities and businesses. Our ultimate achievement is the success of our students: educated, skilled, confident, happy, agile and achieving their full potential.

Four Strategic Pillars:

• We will develop knowledge, skills and behaviours through vocational and technical curriculum.
• We will shape curriculum needs supported by business intelligence for now and in the future.
• We will develop 21st Century skills that employers need from workforce entrants and champion workforce development.

• We will shape relevant curriculum, provide guidance and go beyond ‘skills’ to support personal development and mental ‘wealth’ of our students.
• We will support continuous professional development of staff, aligned to industry standard needs and keep our focus on well-being as a priority.
• We will listen, hear and be a proactive partner to employers, business and partners to support the development of skills provision for our shared communities.

• We will shape our curriculum to meet the skills needs of employers locally and regionally.
• We will support strategic partners to inform, shape, develop and deliver on skills needs and priorities.
• We will continue building upon our strengths in blended learning and in the development of digital skills.

• We will work with partners and advocate for our students to address social exclusion, targeting our resources to tackle the disadvantage gap.
• We will continue to seek improvement in skills, progression to higher levels and in the development of work skills.
• We will celebrate the diversity of our students, staff and communities.

Our Values


  • Working with integrity; demonstrating openness and transparency at all times.
  • Placing the interests of our students at the heart of all College activities.


  • Inspiring students to achieve success through quality learning and assessment.
  • Challenging and supporting staff so that they continue to be effective and successful.


  • Promoting equality and diversity through inclusive practice.


  • Engaging with Worcestershire’s communities to develop stronger partnerships with sustainable benefits.
  • Listening to our stakeholders in order to provide responsive and informed services.

For more information regarding Heart of Worcestershire College's Vision and Values please see our Strategic Intent Policy