I'm a Parent

How can my son/daughter get support with travel?

Sometimes just getting from A to B can be a costly affair. That is why at Heart of Worcestershire College we offer travel support through various funds designed to ease the cost of attending a further education course. Support is depended on your household income. We also have an intercampus bus that any of our students can use to get between our Redditch and Bromsgrove campus.

For more information visit our Travel support section and to check your eligibility.

How do I apply for a bursary?

To apply for a bursary please fill out an application form, these are available from each campus Advice Centre, from July. We advise that students complete and submit their application ASAP to aid with the processing of their claim. On submitting your application it will be assessed in accordance with means tested criteria in line with the rules and regulations produced by the Government. Processing is normally completed within six weeks of application although due to volume of applications at the start of the year, applications and notifications are likely to take longer.

For more information regarding bursaries and to check your eligibility.

Do I still pay council tax if my son/daughter is at College?

Navigating your way through the endless rules regarding tax, bursaries and funding can be a nightmare. In short, you’ll usually have to pay Council Tax if you’re 18 or over and own or rent a home. However, you won’t have to pay any Council Tax if everyone in your home, including you, is a full-time student.

For more information about your eligibility or paying for council tax please visit www.gov.uk

Do I have to pay fees if my son/daughter is under 19?

No, if your son/daughter is under the age of 19 then their course will be fully-funded.

Do I have to pay for equipment?

Yes, students are required to purchase relevant equipment and uniform for their course (unless it is clearly stated that it is included within their course fees and is essential for their course). Many items can be brought through the college’s online shop. Equipment and uniform requirements will be distributed to students on the successful application to their course by the department tutor.

Heart of Worcestershire College can provide support for students with uniform and equipment costs. Information regarding finance and bursaries can be found on the Student Finance section of our website.

Who does my son/daughter talk to if they have any concerns?

At Heart of Worcestershire College we take student welfare extremely seriously. If you are worried or have concerns about your son/daughter please do not hesitate to contact our welfare team.

If you would like to speak to a member of the welfare team can contact us by emailing welfarew&m@howcollege.ac.uk or welfarer&b@howcollege.ac.uk.

I'm a Student

What are the term dates?

All term dates can be found within the College calendar section of our website

Who do I ask about getting a new student card?

If you need a new student card please visit your nearest Learning Centre where our friendly team will be on hand to assist you.

How and when do I apply for a course?

You can apply to any of our courses via our website. Simply find the course you wish to apply for and click the apply now button.

Would I be able to look around the College before applying for a course?

We would recommend attending one of our open days, these are held on several dates throughout the year. During our open days you will be able to look around the campuses and find out more about the courses we offer.

Who do I call if I am going to be absent from a class?

Here at Heart of Worcestershire College we understand that throughout the academic year students may become ill or absent from college. If you are going to be absent for any reason from college we ask that it is reported via our dedicated student absence line 01905 725700 or via email to StudentAbsenceLine@howcollege.ac.uk

What do I do if I have lost my certificate?

Unfortunately, the College can’t provide replacements for any certificates. These will need to be ordered directly from the relevant awarding body. For further assistance please email exams@howcollege.ac.uk