Where Are They Now: Claire Hilton!

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Where Are They Now: Claire Hilton!

11 March 2024

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From not knowing where to start to flourishing in a career that fuels her passion, Claire Hilton, former student at Worcester College of Technology's School of Art and Design in Barbourne, discusses how she turned her passion into a career she loves.

Claire joined Worcester College of Technology’s School of Art and Design in Barbourne in 2002 to study a BTEC in Fine Art as this was her passion. Claire wanted to get away from education and indulge in a purely art-based course where she could express her creativity, gain independence with her work and do something to benefit herself.

During her time at college Claire explored a range of creative practices as well as digital and writing skills. Once a week the class also took part in life drawings which helped them practice hand eye coordination and the ability to draw what’s in front of you. This is a classical technique and something that Claire thoroughly enjoyed doing during college.

After finishing college Claire started to think about where her passion for art could take her in the future and decided to complete a degree in Fine Art for three years at the University of De Montfort and then a masters in Art Psychotherapy for two years at the University of Derby.

But where is Claire now?

Claire now works as a HCPC registered Art psychotherapist and works part freelance and part employed. As well as this she also has her own art studio in the centre of Worcester to continue with her artwork alongside the clinical work that she does.  During her time at college and university Claire found the link between art and wellbeing and wanted to explore this and help people through the use of art.

The skills she learnt during college allowed her to explore her options and apply for university as she had learnt a range of different skills and techniques. Without that push to university Claire wouldn’t have found her passion and turned it into a career she loves.

Speaking about her journey, Claire said:

“I really valued the creative freedom I was given at college. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to apply for university, which for me was a pivotal point of figuring out what I wanted to do. Ultimately the College kickstarted my journey of becoming a HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist.”

In 2023 Claire has also been one of the founding members of Worcester Arts Collective (WAC), an independent artists collective and studio in Worcester city centre and newly registered CIC. Find out more info at www.worcesterartscollective.org