A Celebration of Hilary Wallace

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A Celebration of Hilary Wallace

15 January 2021

Blue plaque surrounded by 3 pieces of artwork. The text on the plaque reads: In memory of Hilary Wallace who worked at the Bromsgrove Campus for over 20 years and sadly passed away on 23rd March 2019. Hilary was a keen gardener and thistles (Eryngium) were a particular signature of hers. This artwork is dedicated to her. Artwork Title: A Celebration of Hilary Wallace By: Fern Dunne, Art & Design Student

Heart of Worcestershire College unveils plaque and artwork in memory of the long serving member of staff, Hilary Wallace, who sadly passed away in March 2019.

Hilary had worked at the College’s Bromsgrove campus for over 20 years as part of their catering team and was loved by everyone. To help commemorate Hilary, art and design student, Fern Dunne, was asked to create a piece of artwork that would represent Hilary.

Fern spoke to Hilary’s colleagues, including HoW College’s Refectory Manager, Helen Stirling, and her team about Hilary’s passions and interests. It was here that Fern learnt of Hilary’s love of the great outdoors, gardening and that thistles were a particular favourite of hers.

Speaking of Hilary, Helen, said:

“I had the pleasure of working with Hilary for three years. She had a smile for everyone, she was dedicated to her team, and she was dedicated to the café and to all the customers and the staff within the College.

All the staff enjoyed working alongside Hilary, and she will be greatly missed.”

It was these kind words, alongside the idea of the thistle, and the theme of catering and food, that inspired Fern to create three smaller scale pieces of work which were collectively named ‘A celebration of Hilary Wallace’.

Unfortunately, due to the on-going pandemic, the College were unable to put on the event that they had hoped. They did, however, manage to put on a small event at the end of last year, where they unveiled the plaque and artwork in memory of Hilary; all in-keeping with the social distance rules that were in place at the time.

Talking about Fern’s artwork, HoW College’s Work Experience and Job Coach, Laura Jones said:

“Fern’s main goal when she was set this piece of work was to be able to create a piece of art that meant a lot to the people at College and she really wanted to be able to represent the fond memories of those who were lucky enough to know Hilary.

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that Fern absolutely exceeded that, she did an amazing job and she should be proud of the work she has created – well done Fern!”

Continuing to praise Fern’s work, Helen added:

“The fantastic work that Fern has produced is a fitting celebration to Hilary, and it dedicates to all of those areas that she was so passionate about.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those people who weren’t lucky enough to get to know Hilary better, and to get to understand and know her through this artwork- so thank you very much.”

HoW College would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff involved in organising such a lovely event, and a thank you to Fern for creating a wonderful piece of work.