From Access to HE to a PHD!

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From Access to HE to a PHD!

03 August 2023

Ex HoW College Access to HE student graduating at Manchester University

Arthur Purser, ex Access to HE Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) student, has gone above and beyond with his studies to create a life he only ever dreamt of! 

Arthur joined HoW College in 2018 with a few GCSES and in 2019 completed an Access to HE Science course in Redditch. Fast forward a few years and Arthur has now completed a Master’s in chemistry at the University of Manchester with a First and is due to start a PHD in October also in Manchester – who in fact had an internal bidding war to have him as a student. 

Speaking about his achievements, Arthur said: 

“After my health knocked me out of school before I could finish my GCSE's, I had to be satisfied with YouTube lectures and pdfs in my spare time. But these only deepened my curiosity, and my anxiety that I would never be able to pursue education formally. After a few years with few qualifications out I couldn't follow anything my peers were doing; I felt like I had probably never been able to do it anyway. 
When I found out about Access courses, I thought I would scrape by, especially working at the same time. Access to HE gave me the opportunity to reenter education. HoW College was flexible and accommodating around my job and supportive in my development as a learner. They encouraged me to pursue my ambitions further than I thought possible. By the end I had begun to realise my academic potential really had been there, dormant, the whole time. I was able to finish with all distinction grades, and study Chemistry and the University of Manchester! 

With the skills I learned in HoW college I was able to catch up with and even excel in my degree, especially in research projects. To be in my position now is a dream come true. Not just a degree but a Master's, and a First! A scientific publication! Even an award at a major conference!  I'm very grateful to have been able to study here.” 

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