Where Are They Now: Ross Davis

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Where Are They Now: Ross Davis

09 January 2024

picture of Ross Davis in graduation gown and cap smiling for a picture. Background is green and says where are they now

After wanting a more practical hands-on approach to learning, Ross Davis, former Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) student, decided that a college course was the right fit for him. Fast forward seven years and Ross has firmly found his feet in the IT industry and is engineering his future one day at a time. But how did he get here?

Ross joined HoW College in 2016 to study Level 3 Computing and then went on to complete his HND in Computing and Networking.

Ross started his college journey with very limited knowledge in select areas but through hard work, practice and in-depth lessons, he left HoW College with both transferable and practical skills including technical skills in computing, networking and communication – all of which have allowed him to move forward in his career.

So, where is Ross now?

After completing the HND in Computing and Networking Ross went straight into employment and is now working in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). The technical knowledge and experience that Ross gained from his HoW College tutors, Pete and James, ensured he was able to build more and gain specialised knowledge to help him gradually tune his career path into what it has become today.

Speaking about his journey, Ross said:

“Throughout the whole of college, we had amazing support from our lecturers and, due to the contacts of the College and local businesses in the industry, I was able to get a position working part-time alongside college to help me further build my work experience and practical knowledge helping in both my career prospects and my general knowledge to help with my assignments. Because of this experience and job, I have been able to leap up to an amazing position that I absolutely love and with a very competitive pay which allows me to work how I want with lots of flexibility.”

From having little knowledge of the subject to working in a position that he loves, Ross’ story demonstrates the opportunities that become available to you when you dive into something with passion, determination and, of course, the right support around you.