HoW to Build the Perfect Christmas

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HoW to Build the Perfect Christmas

09 January 2020

Male child in pajamas playing with a small purple toy and large wooden dolls house; Christmas tree is visible in the background.

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College), recently created their very own Christmas advert to demonstrate “HoW” to (literally) build a perfect Christmas.

The advert itself follows the run up to Christmas of a little boy who dreams of having a real dolls’ house. The boy’s older sister, played by HoW College’s Level 2 Site Carpentry student Kaitlin Gaffney, has the idea to make her brother a dolls’ house for Christmas as shop bought ones are so expensive.

Kaitlin then attends her college classes at HoW College’s construction campus in Malvern, where she creates a beautiful dolls’ house from scratch, with the help of her tutors and fellow students.

The message behind the advert is that “Not all heroes wear capes”, with an aim to remind us all during the holiday season that it really is the thought that counts.

Following the advert, £250 was raised by HoW College colleagues to give to Kaitlin to donate to a charity of her choice; the dolls’ house was then donated to a family of Syrian refugees in Malvern.

Kaitlin decided to donate the £250 to Macmillan Cancer Support. Speaking on why this was her charity of choice, Kaitlin said:

“I wasn’t entirely sure on which charity to donate to, so I asked one of my friends for some help. He suggested Macmillan Cancer Support as they had helped one of his family members and they help so many others too; they’re just a really good cause.”

HoW College would like to say a big well done and thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of the Christmas Advert. We would also like to say a huge thank you to the staff for purchasing the dolls’ house, and for the wonderful gesture of then donating it to a refugee family.

To watch the HoW College Christmas advert, please visit their YouTube channel:

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