Crafty Constructions for Charity this Christmas

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Crafty Constructions for Charity this Christmas

10 December 2020

Craft table with 'Mind' charity logo, and Christmas trees made with palettes.

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) construction and plumbing students from the Worcester and Malvern campuses, have been getting crafty recently thanks to the Crafternoon nationwide event held by Mind UK.

Crafternoon takes place twice a year and the aims are to encourage people to get together with friends, family and colleagues, and raise some money by trying new crafts. The December Crafternoon event had themes of doing something fun, doing something different and togetherness; anyone is welcome to join in with Mind events and special packs, tips and resources can be found on their website.

Each area contributed something slightly different to help with the event. The carpentry department provided wood offcuts and cut old pallets into xmas shapes, as well as sanding every item down to prevent splinters. The painting department provided paint and painting tables, and the plumbers created a table candle holder from copper piping – which is available to buy or order should anyone want one. Bricklayer Alex Bennett and Tutor Josh Robinson also contributed to the event as they created a Christmas tree sculpture in the bricklaying workshop.

Thanks to student and staff contributions, £54.50 has been raised so far and donations are still open for a little while longer. The charity Mind was chosen by the students because they expressed their appreciation for the support they receive in college for their own mental wellbeing, and therefore had a wish to help others in the community who may not have support resources so readily available to them.

As well as raising money, the students compiled a booklet to share the activities they do outside of College to aid their own mental wellbeing. They also expressed that the activities involved in the Crafternoon event were not something they would normally have done, and they found it enjoyable and very ‘chill’.

We are incredibly pleased with all students and staff who got involved, raised some money, and took the time to focus on their mental wellbeing.

If you would like to learn more or would like some support with your mental wellbeing, please visit the Mind website today: