Building the future in Malawi!

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Building the future in Malawi!

24 May 2022

Man teaching children in Malwai

Owen Wiseman, Heart of Worcestershire Colleges (HoW College) Engagement and Experience Coach, recently spent just under two weeks in Malawi carrying out some voluntary work with the Building Futures in Malawi charity. 

Whilst volunteering, Owen had the privilege of working with seven local Malawi people who carry out some amazing work to deliver various projects across the capital. The projects included education, ‘go for girls,’ student support, minor grants, sports, feeding program and environmental education and all work towards building a positive future for the young people who live there.  

Owen was able to get involved with some insightful projects in Malawi which included delivering a talk to a class of around 40 students aged 15-21 at Mseche Community Day Secondary School. During this talk he discussed what the education system is like in England and some of the striking cultural differences between England and Malawi. He also spent time at the Orphanage (Janet House) that is funded by Building Futures in Malawi, here he was able to get involved in the distribution of donated clothes, games and art supplies for children who have next to nothing.  

When asked about his experience working on these projects, Owen stated: 

“If it wasn’t for the incredible work that the organisation does, I saw first-hand that it would be impossible for thousands of children and young people to have access to all the opportunities listed above, just like generation upon generation before them. To see such a small group of people making such a profound impact across their community and country was a truly inspiring experience.” 

He also discussed how the overall experience impacted him:  

“My experience in Malawi taught me that the impact that can be made there by those considered to be ‘average’ people in England is enormous for a whole host of reasons. If ever I get the opportunity to visit Malawi for a second time, I would absolutely take it and would urge anyone else to do the same.” 

Volunteering and making a difference, both locally and in countries that don’t have the same access to facilities as we do, is an exceptional opportunity and experience to be a part of. If this is something you are interested in or would like more information on then please email