Work experience success for HoW College Health and Social Care students!

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Work experience success for HoW College Health and Social Care students!

30 May 2022

Health and social care students

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) Health and Social Care students, Mollie Kilgour and Robyn Minshall, recently completed their work experience at Areley House Care Home as part of their ongoing course. 

During their time at Areley House both students were able to gain real life experience and relate all the class work they have been doing to the real world. Both Mollie and Robyn have experienced many different aspects of the health and social care industry during their work experience including, shadowing personal care, completing activities with the residents, decorating areas in the care home for events and learning how to communicate with a wide range of people. 

Off the back of her work experience, Robyn has now also been employed on a part -time basis with Areley House. 

When asked about her work experience and how it has benefited her, Robyn said: 

“This work experience has benefited me in multiple ways. It has also provided me with many opportunities to learn new skills and gives me a chance to see how the health and social care setting works . This work experience has also beneficial for me as I now have a part-time job there, this allows me to keep developing my skills and learning outside of college hours. As I work towards hopefully studying forensic psychology at university in the near future. My favourite aspect of work experience was interacting with the residents, it's lovely getting to know them and learn new things about them and seeing how much they appreciate the company. Work experience really allows you to see into the world of care. I've been able to see the most rewarding parts of care as well as being exposed to the challenges.” 

When discussing the impact of the work experience and her future plans, Mollie said: 

“This work experience has provided me with many new opportunities to learn and develop new skills, providing me with the chance to develop my communication and practical skills for the world of health and social care work. In the next few years, I would like to go to university and begin my journey to becoming an adult nurse, something which I have dreamt of doing for a very long time with placement encouraging me even more. This work experience has opened my eyes into the world of care, exposing me to things that I didn't believe were such a rewarding part of the role. It gives me encouragement for the future. I’ve also really enjoyed interacting with the residents, getting to know them as individuals, seeing their appreciation of your company, it makes my face light up.” 

This work experience has been a fantastic opportunity for the HoW College Health and Social Care students as it has given them a deeper understanding of the industry and the types of roles the job would involve.