It’s never too late to return to the classroom with HoW

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It’s never too late to return to the classroom with HoW

01 March 2021

Collage of the exterior photo of one of the HoW College buildings that features their 'The Future campaign' , and an image of a male student smiling.

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) students, Adam Chowdhury and Rich Chaudhury, show it’s never too late to learn as they return to the (virtual) classroom to gain their GCSE Maths and English qualifications.

Despite the last unprecedented 12 months, HoW College has continued to offer part-time GCSE Maths and English courses to adult learners via online teaching.

Talking about why he wanted to return to college, Rich said:

“I decided to take the courses because I plan to go to university in the near future; however, I lacked the qualifications needed to apply. As I had been out of education for a while, I decided the best way to start would be to re-sit my GCSE Maths and English first.”

Talking about his own reasons, Adam added:

“I decided to take the course because I believed I was meant for more than what I was doing, and I found myself getting frustrated not being able to express myself on an academic level. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish school and I was expelled when I was 15 years old, leaving me with no qualifications.”

As part of National Careers Week, which takes place from 1st-6th March, HoW College wants to showcase that anyone, no matter their background or qualifications, can return to education and change their future.

Talking about the support that has been given during the course, Adam commented:

“My tutors have been very helpful, and I have learned a hell of a lot from them. They are very patient and great at delivering the curriculum. They are also very personable, which is great to make you feel comfortable whilst studying.”

Rich also praised HoW College tutors by stating:

“Both tutors have been incredible during my time on these courses. With the recent closing of schools and colleges, these are unprecedented times for both students and tutors. However, this hasn't prevented my tutors from continuing to be a huge help in encouraging us students to reach our full potential regardless of the drastic changes we have recently faced.”

HoW College offer both GCSE Maths and English Language courses at both their Redditch and Worcester campuses, on a part-time evening basis to fit around the busy schedules of day-to-day life.

Talking about how the courses have already helped, Adam said:

“The English course is especially helpful as I find it much easier in my day-to-day life whenever I use it. I also found it has helped me a lot in my job, which I send a lot of emails in!

In addition to this, the feeling of being part of a group throughout lockdown has been especially helpful as it provided me with a sense of purpose.”

As it is now compulsory for school students to have both GCSE Maths and English qualifications, more and more adults are now returning to the classroom to gain the qualifications they need to further their careers.

Speaking on how he feels the course will benefit his future, Rich added:

“Both courses have been a huge help in getting me back into an educational environment. In particular, I have found English to be very enjoyable, to the extent that I have recently decided to pursue English Literature at college and university.”

When asked if they would recommend the courses to others, Adam said:

“I couldn’t recommend it more. Even if it seems a bit daunting, just go for it! There is absolutely nothing to lose and an absolute abundance to gain.

The combination of class-based work, guidance, and great entry level subjects helps to ease you back into education at a nice pace and push you as far as you want to go! The world’s your oyster!”

Rich added:

“I would definitely recommend applying for anyone who, like myself, may not have the qualifications needed to pursue further education. The courses have great tutoring and students of all ages, making for a very comfortable and enjoyable environment.”

For more information on part-time adult courses available at HoW College, please click here