It’s a RUNderful life for HoW College Sports Student!

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It’s a RUNderful life for HoW College Sports Student!

15 March 2023

Henry Gibbs, HoW College Sports Student

The race is on for Henry Gibbs, HoW College Level 3 Sports, Coaching, Development and Fitness student, as he prepares to represent HoW College at the ESAA Cross-Country Championship on Saturday 18th March! 

Henry first started running in lockdown 2020 as he wasn’t doing any physical activity at the time but wanted to try something new and keep his fitness levels up. Henry has competed in multiple national competitions since then such as the English national cross country and the inter counties. He also ran in the ESAA Cross-Country Championship last March.  

This year, Henry will again be taking part in the ESAA Cross Country-Championship which is taking place in Nottingham.  

Speaking about his running, Henry said: 

“I enjoy competing with my team in races and pushing my limits. My current HoW College course is very practical based which I enjoy, and it has also allowed me to learn new skills that I need going into the future. I think running is a great form of physical activity, it keeps you physically fit and gives you the opportunity to meet other people who have the same interests/hobby. I am excited to see how far I can go in this sport; I want to reach my best potential possible!” 

Good luck, Henry!