A Multiply Success for Mother and Daughter!

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A Multiply Success for Mother and Daughter!

29 August 2023

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Pauline and Jess are celebrating after finding new confidence for maths since completing a Multiply programme! 

Multiply is a new free government-funded programme to help adults update and improve their numeracy skills. Multiply courses are classroom based and offer support and guidance that puts maths into every day, relatable, context. 

The main purpose of Multiply is to boost people’s confidence and ability to use maths and numbers effectively in daily life, at home and work. This includes helping people attain a formal qualification to open doors to new jobs, career progression and/or further study.  

Pauline and Jess found Multiply both beneficial and supporting and have now both been given a platform to continue on and complete their functional skills qualification in September. 

Talking about her experience with Multiply, Jess said: 

“I found the course very beneficial because for the first time in my 31 years of life I finally understood division, along with it refreshing my mind in other parts of maths which I had forgotten.  
When at school I got told by my teachers that I was lazy and not trying hard enough (I had undiagnosed dyslexia) so felt nervous when starting the course as I was worried it would be like school all over again. The lecturer quickly put me at ease and was so helpful if I did get stuck on anything. She always encouraged me, and I now feel ready to start the functional skills in September.” 

In addition to this, Pauline added: 
“The course helped me to feel more confident in progressing further. The lecturer inspired and encouraged me which really helped during this course.” 

For more information regarding Multiply please visit Multiply | Heart of Worcestershire College (howcollege.ac.uk)