Happy and Healthy success for New Beginnings

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Happy and Healthy success for New Beginnings

24 May 2019

Male teacher stood in front of 4 male children in a classroom

Celebrating National Children’s Day, Heart of Worcestershire College’s (HoW College) Bromsgrove based nursery, New Beginnings, hosted a ‘Happy and Healthy’ week jam-packed with activities and information.

The week involved a variety of activities for all the children that covered healthy food, exercise and self-care. The children had a fantastic time and got involved at every opportunity, including trying different healthy foods and exercises such as Tai Chi.

The parents also got involved as the nursery hosted an informative evening on exercise and healthy eating. The evening included guest speakers, Kyle Walters and Sara Jones, who shared information about children’s health.

Kyle Walters, personal trainer and owner of KORE Performance, gave advice about exercise, how to make it fun, why children need exercise and even had some of the children taking part.

Offering advice on children’s health, Kyle said:

"Exercise has to be fun for children to ensure they engage, it’s so important to ensure that your children get enough exercise in this day and age of too much screen time."

Health Speaker and Dietitian, Sara Jones also gave parents some great information on what to give their children to eat, how to deal with picky eaters and gave a shocking demonstration about the amount of sugar, salt and fat there is contained in a typical children’s lunch box.

Giving further advice, Sara added:

"It's shocking the amount hidden sugars and fat in our processed food nowadays and it's something I feel we all need to be aware of."

New Beginnings Nursery, is located at the College’s Bromsgrove campus and offers spaces to students, staff of the college and the general public. The 38 place nursery takes children from 3 months up to 4 years and is consistently rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

To find out more information on New Beginnings or to book your child’s place for September please contact Kyrene Bowes at kbowes@howcollege.ac.uk or by calling 01527 572911.