Health and Social Care students get under the skin!

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Health and Social Care students get under the skin!

06 December 2018

Large group of students smiling and stood outside in front of big shop during winter

Last week Heart of Worcestershire College’s (HoW College) Level 3 Health and Social Care students got under the skin as they visited the Bodyworlds exhibition in London.

The exhibition, which the students visited as prep for their January exam, shows real human bodies donated to science that have been dissected and preserved. The bodies are then posed to show the different body systems at work during different activities, such as playing tennis or doing gymnastics. Talking about the trip, Level 3 Health and Social Care Student, Anwen Jeffreys, said:

“I really, really enjoyed it, and found it really helpful for helping me revise for the exam. The trip was well worth it!”

The exhibit also revealed sections about different body systems such as a digestive tract stretched out to show its length, as well as showing all of the blood vessels in the body including the kidneys, lungs and face. Also on display were the effects of disorders of different organs such as a smoker’s lung, a polycystic kidney, a spine with osteoporosis and the enlarged spleen of someone with leukaemia.

HoW College’s Health and Social work lecturer, Jacqui Drew further commented:

“What an amazing exhibition. It was thought provoking and a great trip out for our health students, it really made them think.”

HoW College prides itself on its ability to offer students a number of opportunities to enhance their college based learning by including trips, visits and work experience.

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