Where Are They Now: Alaina Goode

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Where Are They Now: Alaina Goode

05 February 2024

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From kitchens to spas and then onto the health profession, Alaina Goode, former Worcester College of Technology and Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) student shows us that, when it comes to a career journey, it isn’t always as simple as getting from a to b.

When Alaina left school, she wanted to obtain a job that she would be comfortable with for life, so Alaina's journey started at Worcester College of Technology studying catering. After completing her catering course, she went on to work in the food industry for 10 years. Alaina then decided to complete her Level 2 and Level 3 Beauty Therapy with HoW College and went on to work as a Spa Therapist which gave her a passion for helping others.

From this Alaina went on to study Foundation in Health at HoW College which then led her on to complete Access to Higher Education Level 3 in Health Professionals. During her time at college, she was able to gain qualifications she didn’t already obtain which allowed her to progress in her academic writing and social communication, these skills have allowed her to succeed further within education and work.

So, where is Alaina now?

After leaving HoW College, Alaina joined the University of Worcester to study Forensic and Applied Biology and hopes to go further with a master's degree in Embryology in the future. She currently works in a fertility clinic as a Health Professional, interacting with solo individuals and families who are looking to have a family of their own.

Speaking about her role, Alaina said:

“I joined HoW College to obtain a different career and qualifications to help others and make a difference. In my current role I enjoy interacting with individuals who have similar and different experiences to my own, while supporting them to overcome obstacles within their journey.”

Alaina is proof that sometimes it isn’t as easy as going from a to b. Careers can move in many different directions and sometimes you must try different paths to find what suits your future.