Where Are They Now: Steven Borwell Fox

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Where Are They Now: Steven Borwell Fox

13 December 2023

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Learning anything new can be a complex and interesting journey for anyone, but when it comes to learning a new language it’s not only a difficult undertaking but can also prove to be one of the most rewarding both personally and professionally, which is exactly what Steven Borwell Fox, a former Worcester College of Technology student, discovered.

Not one to shy away from furthering his skills and knowledge following the completion of A Levels and then a Degree in Electronic Engineering, Steven signed up to a weekly evening class at Worcester College of Technology to study A Level German during an industrial placement year.

During his time at college Steven’s primary objective was to improve his verbal communication and the course did just that, boosting his confidence with speaking the German language and allowed him to advance his vocabulary in German.

So, where is Steven now?

Since graduating from Staffordshire University and completing college, Steven has worked in several engineering and tech companies and is now the Managing Director of Telecetra, his own software and cyber security company. This role involves travelling often putting his German language skills to the test when travelling in Europe.

Speaking about how his skills are used within his current role, Steven said:

“I regularly travel to Europe and use my German language skills if only to be polite and to engage businesspeople in an initial conversation. Quite useful listening to train announcements and other travel information too.”

Steven's journey is a great way to see how acquiring an additional qualification, such as a language, can significantly enhance one’s career trajectory. It not only adds versatility to an already extensive skill set but also opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities, showcasing the enduring value of lifelong learning.