Where Are They Now: Hannah Cartwright!

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Where Are They Now: Hannah Cartwright!

08 February 2024

Picture of Hannah smiling with a yellow border that says your journey told

From struggling in high school to shaping the future for young people, Hannah Cartwright, former North East Worcestershire College (NEW College) Early Years student, shows us that the struggles we face in education do not define the future we want to achieve.

After struggling in high school and feeling that she had not yet reached her full potential, Hannah took the future into her own hands and joined NEW College in 2008 to study Level 2 Childcare. This was just the beginning for Hannah as after completing Level 2, she went on to complete Level 3, 4 and 5 and then followed this by completing her Level 6 Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Worcester!

During her time at college, Hannah developed teamwork and communication skills and felt that she grew as a person. The skills that she gained during college allowed her to achieve a career within the early years industry and pushed her to complete a degree – something she never thought was possible when starting level 2.

So, where is Hannah now?

After kickstarting her future at NEW College, Hannah completed her BA Hons degree part-time whilst working in a private nursery and since then has held numerous jobs in the early years industry, up to management level, working in a children’s home and as a Teaching Assistant.

But her journey doesn’t finish there, Hannah is now a Tutor at HoW College teaching Level 2 Childcare, the very same course that kickstarted her own future. Every skill Hannah learnt throughout her time in college has helped her in the future, especially the skills of time organisation and working effectively with others.

When talking about her journey, Hannah said:

“I am 31, so it was a while ago that I was a student, but I do owe my whole career to the College and the teachers. I still have my certificate and speech my Level 2 Tutor wrote for me on awards evening when I achieved "Most Improved Learner" And I will always be grateful for that!”

Looking to the future, Hannah is focused and passionate about supporting her learners and encouraging them to aim high and achieve more than expected. Her goal is to continue this at HoW College and build a strong workforce of early years employers.