Successful Student Encourages Others to ‘Take the Plunge’ and Study at HoW College

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Successful Student Encourages Others to ‘Take the Plunge’ and Study at HoW College

10 August 2021

Image of male plumbing student wearing a high visibility jacket, hard hat, and stood in front of some pipes and a sink.

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) Plumbing student, Aiden Hickey, has constructed himself a bright future via his studies at HoW College.

Having come to the College uncertain of what he wanted to pursue; Aiden chose a Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing Studies at the Redditch Campus. Within this course, Aiden went from strength to strength and even won the “Plumbing Student of the Year” award at the 2021 HoW College Further Education Awards. Speaking on his experience, Aiden shared:

“I came to my plumbing course not knowing anything about it. I lacked the skills and the experience which made me think that I didn’t have the ability to complete the practical assignments. However, everything changed once I was introduced to my hard-working teachers who showed me the effective ways to use the equipment and taught me the tips and tricks of the trade. Eventually, my teachers would often throw me in the deep end and allow me to show them the skills that I’d developed through completing hard tasks.

I enjoyed my days at college working in the practical room early in the morning and finishing late at night as it gave me a whole new mindset working with tools and using them in any situation. The skills and experiences that I gained at HoW college were enough to successfully obtain a placement in employment for me.”

Courses at HoW College come with numerous benefits; from the industry-experienced teaching staff and state-of-the-art facilities accessible for all subject areas, to the extra support outside of classroom hours and work experience opportunities with local businesses, there is a lot for students to access.

Discussing the advice that he would give to prospective students, Aiden said:

“My advice to a student would be that it’s okay to be unsure about your future. You can do anything that you want to do, but, only if you’re going to develop some sort of an interest for it. If not, take a different approach and find a different career choice; rather than me saying ‘do what you want to do’, just do what feels right for you.

I would recommend HoW college to anyone who is having difficulty finding a course; I had the same exact situation. I wanted to try something new, even though I might not be good at it, but I still wanted to give it a go and see how it feels, which HoW allowed me to do. I proved myself wrong and found out something that I’m good at!”

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