Amy Farrer

Amy Farrer

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Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) TV and Film student, Amy Farrer, was left “reeling” recently as she found out she had won an award with the University of South Wales.

The Film and TV School Wales Awards for Schools and Colleges, in partnership with Screen Alliance Wales and Into Film Cymru, is an award scheme which celebrates excellence in TV and film. The awards aim to promote and honour talent in the arts from a young age.

On this occasion, students from across the country were set the task of entering a piece of film to the University of South Wales, who were looking for gifted young filmmakers in categories such as: Best Narrative Film (Fiction), Best Narrative Film (Documentary), Best Non-Narrative, Experimental or Animated Film, and Best Film Review. As a result, Amy entered a documentary that she had made with two of her peers, Sophie and Matt, in the first year of her course at HoW College with hopes of winning an award. Their documentary, “Nameless Faceless”, focuses on females within the music industry, the experience they have and why female artists may be struggling for representation against their male counterparts. Amy has recently been informed that their documentary was judged as Best Narrative Film (Documentary) in the 16-19 category for 2020.

Speaking on the competition and her success, Amy Farrer said:

“Over my two years at Heart of Worcestershire College, I was able to develop a whole range of skill sets which helped me create, network and build myself - not only academically but professionally. I am so grateful for the projects I was on and the people I met, and I am grateful for where my hard work has landed me today.”

Entering competitions is widely encouraged across all HoW College courses, as it enables students to utilise their creativity and practice working to briefs, deadlines and within a team, which are all key parts of working in any industry.

Commenting on Amy’s success, HoW College TV & Film Lecturer, Alexander Kronenburg, said:

"Amy was an outstanding student whilst at college and so it is great see her gain recognition from external sources. The documentary Amy and her crew produced was one that demonstrates creativity, intelligence and sensitivity. From the outset, Amy's objective was to provoke a reaction and inspire change. This is exactly what she has achieved. I'm certain that this will be the first of many accolades she receives"

Opportunities with other educational institutes and universities such as Film and TV School Wales, are invaluable for students as not only do they provide real-world experience, but it gives students the opportunity to develop relationships and reputations with institutes that they may wish to attend in future. Such opportunities also give an excellent chance to create/build upon portfolios and demonstrate the passion and determination a student has for their subject in and out of the classroom.

We would like to congratulate Amy and her peers for their fantastic work and for the Award! To view all the winning films and see the full awards page for 2020, visit: