Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and Manufacturing

We offer an extensive range of Engineering courses in Worcester and Bromsgrove for all levels in areas including: Electrical Installation, Computer Aided Design, Mechanics, Manufacturing, Electronics and Electricals.

So whether you're looking to take your first steps towards a new career in this industry, or are already working in a trade and would like to further your skills, we have an engineering course that will suit you.

All our engineering workshops are fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure students are gaining relative experience with equipment that they will be expected to use when working in the industry. The engineering workshops are located in Worcester and Bromsgrove. Each workshop is fully equipped with the latest facilities and technology including:

  • Centre & CNC lathes
  • Vertical, Universal & CNC milling machines.
  • Pillar drills.
  • Surface &off-hand grinders, cylindrical grinder and engraving machine.
  • Spot welder and Oxy/Acetylene for heat treatment.
  • Welding & brazing.
  • PUMA Unimate Articulated robot & 2 Mitsubishi robots.
  • A range of marking out & inspection equipment, sheet metal cutting, bending and folding equipment.

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