Sam Ashton-Booth

Sam Ashton-Booth

Male wearing a chefs uniform leaning on stainless steel shelf and writing on a piece of paper

Credited in The Guardian for his “classy modern food” former Heart of Worcestershire College (How College) student, Sam Ashton-Booth, is taking the hospitality and catering industry by storm as Head Chef at the London based restaurant Stem.

Stem, owned by Mark Jarvis, prides itself on being an innovative and approachable dining experience in Mayfair.

As Head Chef, Sam runs a tight ship and is responsible for the daily running of the restaurant.

Praised by British journalist and infamous food critic, Jay Rayner, for his leadership skills Sam certainly knows the recipe for success.

Sam formerly worked at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Restaurant Story, before progressing onto Stem earlier this year.

Reflecting on his time at the College, Sam said:

“The College taught me what it takes to make it to the top. My tutors taught me the fundamental skills that I will carry with me throughout my career. I learnt the basics at HoW College everything from ironing my chef jacket to the importance of punctuality.”

Sam studied hospitality and catering for three years at HoW College’s Worcester campus. Since successfully completing his course Sam has taken his career to new heights in the Big Smoke.

Talking about the College, he added:

“For students who want to make it in the hospitality and catering industry hard work is paramount. The advice I would give to students following in my footsteps would be work smart, be organised and when choosing a kitchen to work in make sure it’s right for you, you need to feel part of a team.”

From recreational courses perfect for beginners to full-time hospitality and catering courses HoW College has everything you need to become the next Jamie Oliver.