Abigail Tonge

Abigail Tonge

Female student in a red hoodie stood smiling in front of a large window

Heart of Worcestershire College’s (HoW College) Level 3 business student, Abigail Tonge, has been showing us all how to really be a HoW Hero recently with her continuous efforts, selflessness and willingness to get involved.

Abigail was nominated for a multitude of reasons by her lecturer, Janet Fryer. From her outstanding work ethic and consistently early attendance, to her willingness to help in any way possible, Abigail is a positive asset to the College.

Abigail’s excellent attitude is certainly further reflected in her involvement in fundraising, assisting at open days and volunteering at a local charity shop – none of which has gone unnoticed by her tutors and peers!

To highlight even more so why Abigail is a HoW Hero, she manages to do all of the above whilst studying a business course here at HoW, re-taking her Maths GCSE and working a part-time job. We think Abigail fully embodies what it means to be a HoW Hero and truly demonstrates that a lot can be achieved with hard work and a positive attitude!

Speaking on her time at HoW College, Abigail said:

“My tutors have always provided me with support throughout my time at HoW College. I think they have definitely helped me to become a better version of myself.”

Abigail has maintained 100% positive comments on her Promontior which demonstrates excellent behaviour across all curriculum.

Speaking about Abigail as a student, HoW College Maths Lecturer, Janet Fryer commented:

“I teach Abbie for maths – she is consistently early, well prepared and always completes all the set work in class, asking if she does not understand anything and assisting others too. Abbie is involved in the fundraising efforts of the business team, and is usually a student representative on open days for the business curriculum.

Abbie has a busy life outside college so it is a credit to her that she manages to keep up with all of her main course work assignments and also achieved her GCSE maths. I wish her all the best for her course and her plans after college.”

Massive congratulations to Abigail from everyone at HoW College for achieving your Maths GCSE, and for being such an outstanding role model.

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