Ben Bromage

Ben Bromage

Apprenticeship: Business Administrator Standard, Level 3

Employer: Ringway Infrastructure Services

Ben’s Story:

Ben started the Business Administrator standard at Heart or Worcestershire College (HoW College) in October 2018. The apprenticeship delivery is one day a week in college and assessor visits within the workplace. During the classroom sessions Ben always joined in with discussions and activities, giving valuable insight into his role at work and sharing experiences and information with the other apprentices.

During the apprenticeship Ben has been very proactive with his work and has demonstrated a mature attitude to the work that needs to be completed. He has taken ownership of his apprenticeship work and what needs to be completed by meeting deadlines and also asking for additional work.

The work submitted by Ben is of a high standard and during COVID-19 he adapted to working from home and continued to work hard towards his apprenticeship and complete his work-based responsibilities to a high standard. Ben has been part of many projects within the workplace and has been able to utilise this evidence towards his end point assessment.

Talking about Ben, his Line Manager at Ringway Infrastructure Services, Jackie Hyslop, said:

“Ben has had a positive impact on the business.  He has brought new energy and additional skills which has benefited the business significantly.  He has played a key part in the development of the reporting systems.”

Talking about his apprenticeship, Ben stated:

“Ringway has offered me countless opportunities to be involved in various different projects from all aspects of the business.  The business has helped me to develop my working skills such as business knowledge and the expectations required in the working environment.  All my work colleagues have offered me all the support I have needed which is a credit to the values of the business.”