Safety Measures and Walk Throughs

Safety Measures and Walk Throughs

Please take a look through the following 360 tours to see the COVID-19 measures we have in place.

Peakman Street Campus

Click image for Redditch Recepetion 360

Bromsgrove Reception

Click image for Bromsgrove Reception 360

All Saint Building from the River

Click image for Worcester Reception 360

Will the College be COVID-19 secure?

We have implemented a range of preventive measures and controls to ensure we that are COVID secure. These include:

Building Bubbles - limiting movement between buildings and groups where possible

Classroom adaptations - including rearranging layouts to allow more space for appropriate distancing and the installation of screens where necessary

Protective screening - Plexiglass protective screening has been installed for high footfall areas including cafeterias, learning centres and receptions. We have also purchased additional portable ‘sneeze’ screens.

Hand sanitizing - We have purchased highly visible hand sanitiser stations that will be placed in key areas. We will be actively promoting the following to all staff, students and visitors.
• Clean your hands thoroughly, more often than usual.
• Ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.

Cleaning Schedule - The College will have an enhanced contract cleaning schedule in place to include increased cleaning of touch points such as doors, push plates and handrails. In addition, our staff will be using a range of other measures such as fogging machines, antibacterial wipes and other cleaning materials.

Social distancing - Social distancing will be promoted and maintained where possible between people, reducing the amount of time they are in face to face contact to lower the risk of transmission. There will be clear signage indicating entrance and exits to be used and one way systems will be in place in some buildings.

For a full detailed guide please click here