Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

1. Introduction

Whilst promoting an Open Access Policy to the use of Computing and Internet facilities, there are responsibilities and rules regarding usage. As a student at the College you are entitled to use IT facilities and have access to the Joint Academic Network (Janet), but this access is through clear adherence to the nationally specified regulations for all Janet users.

The College regulations published here apply to anyone using any kind of computer hardware or software, for any purpose at the College, even if it is their own equipment and even if it is only connected to the institution through a network from an outside location. Even where no formal registration or permission is required, any use of IT facilities constitutes an acceptance of the regulations within this document. If you break these rules you may be liable to disciplinary, criminal or civil action which may lead to prosecution. In addition, failure to adhere to these rules will result in withdrawal of access to IT facilities.

2. Law

Students must comply with the laws relating to the use of computer equipment. These include:- Data Protection Act 1984 Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 Computer Misuse Act 1990 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 Amended Data Protection Act 1998

3. Scope of Use

The use of IT facilities is granted for academic or administrative purposes only. Use for personal purposes or commercial gain must have the permission of the College Communications Manager and may be subject to charge.


i. Equipment Usage

No equipment or other IT facility may be moved without prior agreement or be connected in any way into any network or other IT facility of the College without the prior written agreement of the College Communications Manager.

ii. Janet Acceptable Use Policy

Users of the College networks must adhere to the Janet Acceptable Use Policy. (Extracts are available from the college library). Evidence of failure to do so will lead to immediate withdrawal of access to IT facilities. In particular, the use of network facilities for the downloading or distribution of pornographic material is not permitted unless part of some genuine research or academic project. If academic work involves such material then the student concerned must obtain written permission from their Head of Department and the College Communications Manager, prior to downloading the material.

iii. Viruses

Users must not deliberately introduce any virus, worm, Trojan horse or other harmful, or nuisance program, or file into any IT facility, nor take deliberate action to circumvent any precautions taken by the institution to prevent this. All users must also submit any floppy disks for virus checking, if so requested by a member of the College staff.

iv. Software Modification and Installation

Users must not change any software or settings related to the software. Also users must not install software onto the IT facilities.

v. Damage

Users must not in any way cause any form of damage to the College’s IT facilities, nor to any of the accommodation or services associated with them.

5. Acceptable Behaviour

The creation, display, production, transmission or circulation of offensive, or defamatory material in any form or medium, is expressly forbidden.

6. Internet Monitoring

All internet destinations are monitored and filtering is applied and logs recorded. These logs will be used in disciplinary cases.