Our careers program

Our careers program

HoW College Careers Strategy

The Government's Careers guidance document published in February 2018 describes how colleges should use the Gatsby Charitable Foundation's Benchmarks to develop and improve provision. HoW College has developed a Careers Strategy detailing how each of the eight benchmarks are met:

HoW College Careers Strategy and Objectives 2020-2023
HoW College Careers Strategy and Objectives 2020-2023 (accessible Word version)

Please also see our Careers Program Calendar

Guidance for Parents

This Parental Guidance link should show you everything you need to know – but if you are feeling lost or would like to talk to someone from our team, please do so using the contact details provided

Transition advice

Whether you or someone you are supporting are concerned about transitioning to or from college, HoW College is committed to supporting our current and prospective leaners.

Transitioning to college

Transitioning from college

  • Progression weeks and tutorials
  • National careers week
  • HE events
  • Apprenticeship events
  • Employability events
  • Careers advice and guidance

The learning journey

HoW College supports learners on their learning journey from before they even start, to well after graduating. We use digital resources such as Unifrog and ProMonitor to allow learners (and parents/carers) to track their performance, contact staff and research plans for the future. Learners also benefit from personal support through progression meetings and sessions (such as the Thrive and Elements programmes), 1:1 personal tutor interactions, work experience programmes, and questionnaires that display the progress of the learner

Experiences of the workplace

Work experience is an invaluable tool for young people in their careers – a recent survey showed that 2/3rds of employers look for graduates with relevant work experience. It can be used to gain skills and motivation, raise confidence, learn about industries, and improve employability

All of our full-time students have access to a work experience officer who can support students to engage with employers and source placements. All of our courses involve work experience as part of the programme, including T Levels which implements at least 315 hours (45 days) of work experience

There is more information on our business links in the “Enterprise advice and business partnerships” section.

Check out these case studies for learners who have progressed thanks to their work experience:

Work Experience Works Wonders for HoW College Students