The student experience team encourage all students to get involved in volunteering opportunities that are available both internally and externally. Volunteering is great for boosting your employability prospects or making any application that you may be creating over the next few years more attractive.

Are you interested in volunteering but not sure where to start? HoW college can help you make the first step to giving back to your local community. There are endless reasons as to why you should consider getting involved in a local volunteering opportunity, including:

Make a difference to your local community.

Gain confidence by trying something new. Build a sense of achievement!

Meet new people and potentially make new friends.

Spend time doing something you really care about.

Learn new skills, gain quality work experience and additional qualifications.

Volunteering looks great on a CV or any application!

Feel free to visit your local SUB to find out how you can get involved in volunteering. Alternatively, you can email volunteering@howcollege.ac.uk

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