College Wellbeing Service

College Wellbeing Service

The College Wellbeing Service is available to all part-time and full-time students at Heart of Worcestershire College and provides access for any student experiencing difficulties or concerns relating to general health, well-being and mental health issues. Students can also access information on local services, advice and support groups as well as receive one to one wellbeing support. 

Mental health support is available for both diagnosed and non-diagnosed mental health difficulties and learning disabilities. Individualised interventions and support packages will ensure that students gain a better understanding of their changed mental health needs over time. Priorities include ensuring students receive optimal help to promote positive psychological wellbeing through the delivery of one to one therapeutic intervention by aiding the development of self-awareness, practical coping strategies and a safe space to explore feelings or emotions; with a view to further develop students resilience.

We have a duty of care to safeguard all our learners and our aim is to empower and equip all learners with the skills needed to keep themselves safe and to achieve and reach their full potential. This includes education, advice and guidance on topics such as how to manage issues around bullying, staying safe on line, healthy relationshipsand how to recognise potential harm or threat to yourself or others. In addition, the PREVENT Strategy ensures that safeguards are in place to identify and protect our learners from being drawn into illegal activities associated with extremism, radicalisation and terrorism and to ensure that college is a safe and supportive learning environment.

Further to the above information, here at HoW College we are very proud of our safeguarding practice. Which is why we have included a further document to reassure you of how we safeguard our students and what to expect from us.

Keeping Our Students Safe

Your wellbeing is very important to us, which is why our Wellbeing Team have dedicated email addresses. We know that this may be an uncertain and anxious time for many of you and if you feel anxious or worried at any time, please talk to a member of staff or contact the team via the emails below.

Mental Health Support

Here at HoW College we understand that not all health issues are visible, and we strive to take mental health just as seriously as physical health conditions. According to Mind UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England. Even though mental health problems have been on the rise in recent years, only 1 in 8 adults are currently getting treatment for their mental health problems; that’s why we want to help break any stigmas surrounding seeking help.

As well as having access to the College's Wellbeing support team, you may wish to access further mental health support widely available across Worcestershire and nationwide. Below are a few resources that may be of assistance.

Adults - Mental health support for adults | Mental health support for adults | Worcestershire County Council

Children & young people. Mental health and emotional wellbeing | Worcestershire County Council


Samaritans free phone 116 123

Hopeline 0800 068 4141 (under 35) (under 18) (18+)