Get careers advice from HoW

Get careers advice from HoW

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Before booking, please read our Statement of Service

Our team of friendly and qualified advisers are ready to support you in your career journey. Here’s how to book your appointment:

Current students

  • Refer yourself to the team through the Careers Tile (on the portal) or ProMonitor.
  • Ask a tutor to refer you to us.


Prospective students

  • Contact the service through our email at, or the numbers listed on the main page.


How SEND students are supported

As laid out in our careers strategy (see ‘Our Careers Program’ section), we are keen to support our SEND learners in any way we can. The careers department work with our SEN team closely to help support progression, and include differentiated links and resources on our Careers Tile for SEND learners.

For more information about how the college supports SEND learners according to their needs, please read more on our High Needs Support page.

Careers responsibility framework

To see who does what in our organisation, please follow the below links to our webpages for: