Diploma in Bricklaying, Level 1

Course overview

Our course will introduce you to brickwork and help you develop the basic skills and techniques you need to become a Bricklayer. This is a highly competitive industry, but with a Diploma in Construction Brickwork Level 1 under your belt, you will be a skilled tradesperson in no time!

Throughout the course you will learn about both the theory and practice of bricklaying and the vital skills needed to become a bricklayer starting with basic techniques such as rolling and spreading of mortar, buttering and the cutting of basic brick shapes.

You will also learn about Health and Safety regulations and how to stay safe on a building site. You will look at working drawings and learn how to recognise how different buildings are drawn. You will also discover plan views, elevations and sectional drawings.

By the end of the course, you will be able to identify different types of foundation, sections of a cavity wall and the various bonding patterns used in brickwork.

Entry requirements

A minimum of a Grade 2 in GCSE English and Mathematics. You do not need to have any former experience of construction, although some would help. Most importantly, you will be passionate about the industry and committed to learning a trade.

You will be invited for a one-to-one interview, where you will carry out a short test to show that you are capable of completing the course.

How will I be assessed?

You will complete three practical tasks and an online multiple choice test for each unit you complete. There are seven units in total.

What can I do next

With your Diploma in Construction Bricklaying Level 1, you will be ready to apply for our Level 2 course. If you want to earn while you learn, you could choose to study for a Level 2 qualification while working as an Apprentice bricklayer.

There will be a number of roles open to you in the Construction industry, such as Site Engineer, Building Surveyor or Bricklaying Foreman. How about running your own site as a Site Agent? Or being responsible for the quality of workmanship as a Clerk of the Works? Your Diploma in Construction Brickwork can help you achieve these and many more jobs in construction.