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Customer Service - Level 3 Certificate (NVQ)

Course overview

National Vocational Qualifications are one of the most popular qualifications within industry as they are delivered during working hours and demonstrate competency within a job role. These qualifications are based on national occupational standards, which are statements of performance that describe what competent people in a particular occupation are expected to be able to do. They cover all the main aspect of a specified occupation, including current best practice and are ideal for addressing skills gaps as well as identifying competence.

To achieve the full qualification, candidates must attain a minimum of 55 credits in total, comprising all the mandatory units (Group A) and the remaining credits will be achieved by selecting the following optional units; a minimum of 15 credits from group B and a maximum of 9 credits from Group D.

The Learning and Skills Development Officer will provide support and guidance in selecting the appropriate units.

Mandatory Units (31 credits)

• Organise and deliver customer service
• Understand the customer service environment
• Understand customers and customer retention
• Resolve customers’ problems
• Principles of business
• Manage personal and professional development

Optional Units – Group B (minimum 15 credits)

• Develop resources to support consistency of customer service delivery
• Use service partnerships to deliver customer service
• Resolve customer’s complaints
• Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback
• Monitor the quality of customer service interactions
• Communicate verbally with customers
• Communicate with customers in writing
• Promote additional products and/or services to customers
• Exceed customer expectations
• Deliver customer service whilst working on customer premises
• Deliver customer service to challenging customers
• Develop customer relationships
• Support customer service improvements
• Support customers through real-time online customer service
• Support customers using self-service equipment
• Use social media to deliver customer service
• Provide post transaction customer service
• Champion customer service
• Build and maintain effective customer relations
• Manage a customer service award programme
• Manage the use of technology to improve customer service
• Develop a social media strategy for customer service

Optional Units – Group C (maximum of 9 credits)

• Negotiate in a business environment
• Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
• Manage team performance
• Manage individuals’ performance
• Collaborate with other departments
• Negotiating, handling objections and closing sales
• Obtaining and analysing sales related information
• Buyer behaviours in sales situations
• Manage incidents referred to a contact centre
• Lead direct sales activities in a contact centre team
• Manage diary systems
• Contribute to the organisation of an event
• Provide reception services
• Buddy a colleague to develop their skills
• Employee rights and responsibilities
• Processing sales orders
• Bespoke Software

Entry requirements

To be working a minimum of 10 hours per week in a appropriate vocational role which will enable you to gather the evidence for your qualification

How will I be assessed?

Assessment for this qualification will be via direct observation in the working environment.  Knowledge will also be assessed via assignments or a portfolio of evidence.  Some of the evidence used in portfolios will include; witness testimonies, professional discussion and the learners' own plans and written records.

What can I do next

Upon completing this qualification a review will take place with yourself and your employer to discuss progression opportunties which may lead to further study.