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Mindfulness and Compassion

Course overview

Mindfulness without compassion is an exercise in concentration: It is noticing our behaviours and reactions to people, situations and events and then trying to think ourselves into responding differently, all in the hope that our worries, anxieties and fears will reduce. Adding compassion to the mix, transforms our behaviour and reactions at ground level into responses that we really need to help ourselves.

This eight-week course will show you how to practise mindfulness from the heart. This is the main practise we need to help increase calm and resilience and unblock unhealthy relationships with life, with ourselves and with others.

A Manual and meditations for home practise are provided. A willingness to practise at home is an important part of the course.

- Pen/pencil for taking notes
- You may also like to bring water and a blanket

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. This course is perfect for beginners and those already working with a mindfulness practice.