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Adult Recreational - The I-SEW-LATION Dress (Online)

Course overview

This course will guide you through the creation of a super quick and easily constructed dress that can be made from just 1m* of stretch jersey fabric (56” wide) and 1m of bias binding. There will be two variations on the shape of the neckline to suit your own personal style and you can also choose to use a little extra fabric to create a longer dress to suit your preference.

*This dress will be possible for anyone wearing up to a UK dress size 16 from 1m of fabric; for larger sizes, more fabric will be needed*

During this course you will be taken you step-by-step through the process of creating a bespoke pattern from your own measurements, as well as laying out, cutting, and marking our fabric. Everyone will work together during live video-link classes to construct the dresses, learning tips and tricks for working with stretch fabric along the way. Each weekly session will last two hours where you will be given a demonstration of each step of the process and allowed to complete it in real-time with
support and guidance. The workload for completing the dress has been managed to allow it to fit within the time frame of the classes so that you do not have extra work to complete in between sessions.

For all classes you will need a device on which you can access a two-way video call and you will need a space suitable for cutting out patterns and fabric as well as your own sewing machine and dressmaking tools.

You will need:
- Tape measure
- Pen and Pencil
- Ruler
- Paper scissors
- Small scissors
- Fabric scissors
- Pins
- Stretch/ballpoint needle
- Twin needle
- Sewing machine
- Spare bobbin
- Thread
- 1m of stretch jersey fabric
- 1m Bias binding
- Large Paper (brown parcel paper, wrapping paper, wallpaper etc will be fine)

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course.

Course Modules

Week 1: A step-by-step guide to taking the required body measurements and creating a paper pattern.
Week 2: A demonstration of laying out and cutting fabric, as well as marking and pinning the pleats ready to start sewing next week.
Week 3: A step-by-step guide to piecing the dress with a demonstration of each seam and support as you sew.
Week 4: A step-by-step guide to finishing the neckline and hems of our dresses with a demonstration of each edge finish and assistance to solve any problems.