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Holiday French

Course overview

This course is ideal for beginners, those going on holiday or travelling though France. Interact with the real-life practical role-play, vocabulary and grammar you need to survive, as well as tips for social etiquette, navigating social minefields and help with pronunciation.

The course is suitable for people with little or no previous knowledge of French and will be classroom based in an informal, enjoyable social setting to help you develop your language skills. If you feel you know the basics but struggle with the confidence to use those skills, this is also the course for you as you put what you know into practice in a secure environment.

This course tutor is British and lived and worked for more than half her life in France. She has a thorough knowledge of the country, its language and culture.

A notebook, pen and enthusiasm are all that are required for this course.

Please note this course depends on minimum student numbers to run, we therefore do not recommend you purchase any equipment until the course is confirmed as going ahead. You will be fully refunded the course fee should the course be cancelled.

Entry requirements


Course Modules

Meeting someone for the first time
Catching up with someone previously met
Hotel interactions - checking in, asking about dining, local tourist information
Interacting at the Baker's
Interacting at the supermarket
Ordering in a restaurant
Medical problems and getting assistance
Directions and getting around
Public transport
Clothes shopping
False Friends

Greetings - formal and semi-formal
simple questions
Social etiquette
Asking and understanding instructions
Buying and booking tickets
Communicating in retail settings
Describing symptoms and communicating in medical situations

Grammar review
Present and simple past
Essential verbs
Question forms
Polite questions
Future tense
Imperative from