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Adult Recreational - Digital Marketing Small Business

Course overview

The course will provide an in-depth understanding of how to effectively strategize and implement digital marketing campaigns; focusing on the practical application of social media and digital marketing tools, with the aim of setting up and maintaining a presence in the digital and social world.

You will learn how to plan, coordinate, deliver, and test digital and social media marketing campaigns and set targets to monitor the success of these campaigns.

Through a combination of taught material and workshop style activities, you will design creative campaigns and innovative solutions for digital marketing and social media.

Aimed at small business owners or those hoping to be.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course however, you will need to be ICT literate and have a basic understanding of English.

Course Modules

Introduction to Digital Marketing
• Principles of Digital Marketing
• Developing Objectives
• Digital Research
• Cultural Research
• Connecting with the Customer

Content Marketing
• Concepts & Strategy
• Using Content Research
• Content Marketing Plans
• Creating & Curating Content
• Publishing & Distributing Content
• Metrics & Performance

Social Media Marketing
• Key Social Platforms
• Setting up a Social Media Experience
• Growing & Engaging an Audience
• Social Media Campaigns
• Data-Driven Audience & Campaign Insights

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• SEO Fundamentals
• SEO & Business Objectives
• Keywords
• SEO Content Plan
• Search Ranking
• SEO Performance

Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads
• Fundamentals of Paid Search
• Google Ads
• Search Campaign Management
• Search Campaign Measurement

Display & Video Advertising
• Fundamentals of Display & Video Advertising
• YouTube
• Google Display Network
• Ad Formats
• Video Campaigns
• Measurement and Optimisation

Email Marketing
• Email Marketing Fundamentals
• Tools and Strategy
• Email Design
• Email Campaigns
• Testing and Optimising
• Marketing Automation

Website Optimisation
• Web Design and Website Optimisation
• Websites Design Principles & Website Copy
• User-Centered Design
• Website Optimisation
• Website Metrics

Analytics with Google Analytics
• Web Analytics Fundamentals
• Configuring a Google Analytics Account
• Setting Goals
• Monitoring Campaigns
• Analysing & Recording Data

Digital Marketing Strategy
• Fundamentals
• Strategy Objectives & KPIs
• Digital Strategy Research
• Creative Strategy
• Digital Marketing
• Strategy

What can I do next

Following completion of the course you will be able to apply the material covered to your small business operations.

You will be able to use the workshop opportunity to develop specific marketing strategies for a current operation of your small business; taking advantage of the advice on hand and leaving the course with a fully realised digital marketing strategy.

If you find this course inspiring and want to understand the Digital Marketing Industry in more depth,
our Management and Professional department in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, deliver accredited courses from CIM L3 Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing,
CIM L4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing and the CIM L6 Professional Diploma in Marketing