CENWAT Domestic Central Heating Boilers Assessment

Course overview

The course is designed to assess knowledge of gas core safety and installation as required under Accredited Certification Scheme rules.You will complete the four mandatory multi-choice question paper units in which a 100% pass rate is required. These include: Core Gas Safety; Gas Regulation – Installation and Safe Use; Flueing Standards; Closed Book question paper covering all aspects of installation and maintenance of Natural gas systems.

You will also be assessed in the four practical areas, which include: Installation, testing, performance and unsafe installation practices; ventilation requirements for open, balanced and multi-appliance installation for natural gas; flue flow and spillage tests, visual inspection of flues; operation and fault finding on natural gas control devices.

It would be expected that the successful candidate would be already working within the gas/plumbing industry in order to gain the prerequisite entry evidence.

Entry requirements

You must hold either a plumbing or gas NVQ and possess at least 60 days recorded evidence of working within the full range of gas installation covered within the assessment. This evidence should be presented within a portfolio and will have been countersigned by a GasSafe registered engineer. Training may be required prior to attempting the assessments dependant upon experience.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment will be through a combination or practical and knowledge tests.

What can I do next

The recognized progression route would be either to complete a range of appliance elements according to the range of work the candidate covers. For example a candidate that would like to install central heating systems would be expected to complete CENWAT (Boilers and Water heaters) together with CPA1 (Combustion Performance Analysers).