Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Autocare Technician Apprenticeship, Level 2

Course overview

An Auto-care Technician carries out a range of services and repairs to cars, car derived vans and light goods vehicles, working in an Auto-care or “Fast-Fit” Centre, which may be part of a national chain or operated by a regional/local independent group/owner. An Auto-care Technician requires a unique combination of technical, retail and customer service skills. They will use a range of tools, measuring and diagnostic equipment to identify & repair simple system faults.
An Auto-care Technician will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the following;
• Tyre legislation and technical information.
• Fundamentals of specific vehicle systems.
• Vehicle 4-wheel geometry principles
• Basic consumer legislation relevant to the occupation
• Appropriate Health & Safety legislation and requirements for the workplace
• Hybrid/Electric Vehicle system and safe working procedures
• Data protection requirements to protect customer and payment information
• General sales principles including, identifying customer & vehicle needs, presenting solutions, closing the sale and dealing with buying resistance
• How to carry out vehicle safety inspections and routine maintenance using manufacturers specifications or approved schedules, using vehicle specific data and meeting legal requirements
• The importance of following work place procedures and the consequences of not doing so.
The competency to achieve the following skills in the workplace:
• Contribute to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.
• Carry out stock procedures including dealing with routine stock deliveries.
• Carry out vehicle safety inspections and routine maintenance in line with manufactures specifications or approved schedules, company procedures and complete approved documentation.
• Make recommendations to customers based on the results of inspections.
• Carry out replacement/repair and balancing of a range of light vehicle tyres, including ultra-low profile, directional, asymmetric and run-flat tyres fitted to a range of wheel sizes and types
• Carry out the replacement of components on a specific range of vehicle systems.
• Carry out 4-wheel Geometry operations including adjustments on a range of vehicles with different suspension and steering systems
• Use a range of specialist tools & equipment, mechanical & electrical measuring tools and diagnostic equipment to support fault identification and repair.
• Identify & procure correct parts to meet specific customer requirements
• Access vehicle technical data to inform inspections and make judgements on wear and serviceability.
• Communicate effectively with customers, suppliers and colleagues
Required behaviours in the workplace:
• Act in a manner that promotes the professional image of the automotive sector
• Communicate effectively with colleagues and customers on a range of topics.
• Behave in accordance with company values, industry codes of conduct and demonstrate respect for customers and colleagues.
• Work as an effective team member taking responsibility for their own actions, being honest and accountable when issues arise and things don’t go as planned

Entry requirements

Maths & English GCSE Grade 3 or above
(Please note: Block Release for Maths & English is possible if required)

How will I be assessed?

1. Knowledge Assessments
Part Knowledge Assessment comprising of:
• Part A – 60 minutes containing 50 multiple choice questions
• Part B – 45 minutes containing 20 alternate format questions.

2. Practical Observation
A one-day practical observation of the apprentice in a controlled environment, which is reflective of their normal workplace.

Includes a range of 5 practical observation tasks, providing an opportunity for the apprentice to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours.
Task 1 - Vehicle Inspection
Task 2 - Replacement of Components
Task 3 - Replace and Repair Tyres
Task 4 - Stock Procedures
Task 5 - Vehicle 4-Wheel Geometry

3. Professional Review (supported by a portfolio of evidence)
• 60 minutes structured discussion between the apprentice, and the independent assessor.
• Apprentice portfolio is used to exemplify performance.
• Assesses selected knowledge, skills and behaviours defined in the Autocare Standard.

What can I do next

Motor Vehicle Service & Maintenance Technician (Light Vehicle)