Students have Sports Covered

06 October 2015

Students have "Sports Covered"

Three students from the Heart of Worcestershire College are celebrating today after winning the chance to have their app 'Sports Covered' developed by JISC.

The students, Russell Burford, Elliott Matthews and Amaan Ibrar, who are all currently studying Sports Coaching, Development and Fitness at the College, entered the Summer of Student Innovation competition with an app that combines the apps used in their course into one succinct app to be used by staff and students.  

'Sports Covered' is a multi-layered app, which starts by outlining the rules and regulations applied to a range of team and individual sports before moving on to teaching users important technique points and key skills associated with each sport. The final layer then incorporates an interactive video analysis of the player's performance that can then be compared to elite sports people.

The students initially submitted their idea via video to JISC, where it was uploaded to the website to generate votes. Once the students had reached 100 votes the students' idea was then judged by a panel of JISC experts before being selected as a winning entry.

As one of the winners of the competition the students were invited to attend two JISC sprint events in Birmingham and Manchester where they gave up a week of their summer holidays to attend workshops to build a prototype, develop a professional pitch and conduct market research. The students then pitched to JISC directors and investors in London where their idea was selected for development.

Speaking about the experience, Russell Burford, said:

"The competition has been a great learning experience for us all and I think we'll each take something away from it. It's also given us lots of skills to use in future life."

Arran Stevens, Sports lecturer, added:

"I can't overemphasise the journey the lads have been on. What they've learnt and how they've worked together has shown maturity, professionalism and to have someone turn around and say that they like the idea and want to invest their money into it is an absolutely fantastic accolade. The College and staff are very proud of what the students have accomplished."

The 'Sports Covered' app is currently being developed by JISC and will be available early next year.