Stop in the name of the law!

04 February 2016

Stop in the name of the law!


Heart of Worcestershire College students were given an insight into real policing as they participated in a ‘Stop and Search’ exercise with West Mercia Police.

The students, who are all currently studying Military and Emergency Services, Level 3, at the College, were randomly given “stolen” items, divided into groups and then dispersed around the Redditch campus where training officers approached them and proceeded to conduct full body searches and discussions.

The exercise aimed to provide students with an insight into the stop and search exercises conducted by the police from both an officers and a citizens prospective.

Speaking about the exercise Joe McMahon, Military and Emergency Service, Level 3 student, said:

“It was a good experience that gave us a really good insight into the regular exercises conducted by the Police.”

Courtney Gould, Military and Emergency Service, Level 3 student, added:

“As well as being a good experience for us as students it was a great opportunity to help with the Police Officers training as they prepare to tackle the same situations with members of the public.”

The stop and search exercise is just one of many real-life scenarios included in the College’s Military and Emergency Services courses.