HOW College students ‘focus’ on promoting local area

27 June 2016

HoW College students ‘focus’ on promoting local area


Students from HoW college took part in the launch of a campaign to promote Redditch.

The budding mechanics and sports students joined in focus groups run by Redditch Borough Council as part of a campaign to attract more businesses to Redditch.

Run over two years, the Council, which is part of North Worcestershire Economic Development and Regeneration Partnership (NWEDR) is planning to promote the Borough through social media, photography and digital campaigns in a bid to build pride.

To collect perceptions about the Borough from workers and entrepreneurs of the future, officers asked the students who were from Redditch, what keeps them ‘Inside’ and what they go ‘Outside’ for. Some students lived ‘Outside’ Redditch so they revealed what brought them ‘Inside’.

The feedback will be used to drive the campaign and similar consultation will take place in two years’ time to see if perceptions have changed with students. HoW College is a partner on the Redditch Economic Development Theme Group, led by the Council.

Redditch Borough Council Chief Executive Kevin Dicks said: “It was great to build on our links with the college and to harness the energetic feedback from its students who provided mixed opinions on their views on Redditch as a place to live, study and socialise in.

“While the main thrust of the Promoting Redditch campaign is to attract businesses to the area, at the same time we want to continue to build pride across the Borough. We look forward to working with the students, on this, going forward.”

Students were also invited to take part in a photography competition depicting the Borough with winning images being used in the campaign.