Heart of Worcestershire College ‘in tune’ with The Gambia

07 July 2017

Heart of Worcestershire College ‘in tune’ with The Gambia

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) is hitting all the right notes after kindly donating radio station broadcasting equipment to help set up a much needed community radio station in Kwinella Village, Gambia.

The community radio station is the idea of Heart of Worcestershire College’s Security Officer, Lamin Sanneh, who has worked at the College for over 11 years. Lamin, whose mother originates from Kwinella Village, visits his home country every year and is often thinking of ways to support his home community.

Speaking of what this donations means, Lamin commented:

“I’ve had this idea of running a facility that will enable the people of my community to communicate with each other when there are no other means of doing so. Setting this station up will mean so much to the local community. I am so grateful to the College who have donated the radio broadcasting equipment to enable me to fulfil this ambition.”

Heart of Worcestershire College has a strong reputation for delivering high quality music courses.