Cracking Car Race

13 June 2017

Cracking Car Race

Earlier this week, Level 3 Engineering students got a taste for life in the fast lane as they took part in an 'Egg Car Drag Race'.

As a way to round off the end of their studies, the students were tasked with creating small elastic band powered cars that would house an egg during a race with fellow students.

Each car needed to weigh 350g or less, be no bigger than an A4 piece of paper and be solely powered by an elastic band.

Not ones to "yoke" around, the competition was fierce with stewards judging design, speed and distance.

Rob Walkley took first place for design paying "eggcellent" attention to detail with the painted silver stripes and the addition of wing mirrors with reflective surfaces.

Kyle Wilkes proved he could go the distance with his car reaching 4.25m awarding him first place in the distance race.

Lucy Gales scrambled the competition powering across the 4m line the quickest, taking first place in the speed category.

Well done to all students who took part.