Professional Development

Coaching and Development - Explained

Course overview

Coaching is an interactive process that helps other people improve, learn something new or move on to the next level. Coaching is beneficial for the motivation for individual employees but coaching also has organisational benefits as it helps reinforce business practices, which includes; maintaining levels of customer satisfaction, improving productivity and quality.

This series of workshops will cover:

Workshop 1:
• What is mentoring? What is coaching?
• Analysis of the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring
• Discussion about the benefits of programmes to the individual/the organisation
• The skills and qualities which are required for the mentor and the coach
• The introduction of mentoring and coaching models
• The GROW model for coaching
• Analysis of own/organisation’s readiness to begin mentoring/coaching
• Formulation of an action plan

Workshop 2:
• Discussion of progress on action plans
• Further analysis of the GROW model for coaching
• Effective negotiation of goals and formation of action plans
• Analysis of Clutterbuck’s 3-step mentoring model
• Boyatzis’ Intentional Change model
• How to give effective feedback
• Formulation of an action plan

Workshop 3:
• Discussion of progress on action plans
• Role-play of triad scenarios using the 3 models
• Communication styles and techniques
• The importance of active listening and body language to feedback
• Analysis of barriers to development and progress in the individual
• Boundaries of the mentoring role
• What next? Action planning for the future.

Entry requirements

None required

How will I be assessed?

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What can I do next

Take a look at other courses in the Solutions Professional Short Course series or perhaps consider studying an accredited professional qualification with our Higher Education Institute