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Learn to Felt

Course overview

Felting is the most ancient form of textile art, put a modern twist on this traditional craft, and impress your friends and family with handmade craft-tastic ornaments and gifts.

The tutor has a City and Guilds qualification in felt making and has taught many workshops; they are currently teaching felt making to stroke survivors.

Students must bring merino wool top. This can be purchased from a local craft shops, online or through the College tutor for £4 per 100g.

Students must bring:
- A hand towel and a bath towel.
- A piece of bubble wrap about A3 size
- A piece of net similar size
- A piece of soap

Course Modules

Weeks 1-3: Wet felting

Week 1: Lay out fibres make a piece of felt
Week 2: Make and embellish a piece of felt
Week3 : Make background felt for needle felting

Weeks 4-6: Needle felting

Week 4: How to needle felt
Week 5 and 6: Needle felt a picture onto previously made background

What can I do next

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