Leadership and Management

CMI Award in Management and Leadership, Level 5

Course overview

The level 5 programme is designed to meet the needs of middle and aspiring middle managers wishing
to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop their career in management.

It is equally valuable for the person who aspires to such a role. The programme concentrates on
the practical application of management theory and principles in the context of developing the
team leader or middle manager. A Diploma in Management and Leadership is the benchmark
qualification for full CMI membership, taking you another step towards Chartered Manager Status.


One taught session per month on a Thursday 2pm until 9pm, followed by completion, one month later, of a 2,500 word assignment, guidance and resources are provided in relation to completion of this. In addition you are expected to commit at least one hour study per evening, a minimum of 20 hours over the duration of the course.

Deliverers of these sessions have occupational experience in the areas of management and leadership, which will assist in the practical application of the theory taught because of their occupational experience. A number of lecturers also posess CMI or academic qualifications in this field.

Additional information for this course, including module outlines and guided learning hours can be found on the CMI website (managers.org.uk).

Entry requirements

It is expected that you will hold a CMI Level 3 or similar qualification. However, we are able to take into account your level of experience in lieu of formal qualifications and this is normally established at interview.

Course Modules

Choose only one from the following, a minimum of 6 credits is requied to acheive the award;

––Personal Development as a Manager and Leader (6 credits)
––Managing Selection Recruitment and Induction (7 credits)
–– Information Based Decision Making (7 credits)
––Conducting a Management Project (10 credits)
––Practices of Resource Management (7 credits)
––Managing a Team and Individual Performance (9 credits)
––Planning for Development (6 credits)
––Meeting Stakeholder and Quality Needs (6 credits)

How will I be assessed?

One 2,500 word assignment to be submitted after each taught session.

What can I do next

On successful completion of a level 5 qualification in Management and Leadership, you can progress to the Level 5 Certificate or Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Successful completion can lead to the Chartered Manager Status, further information can be obtained from the CMI website.