Introduction Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB), Level 2

Course overview

This course is for anyone who is interested in counselling or in improving their listening skills.  If you want to be able to help your friends or family by listening better to their worries, or if you are always the one that people come to with their problems, this course will help. This is an introductory level course which is friendly and safe. Everyone’s welcome and the course should suit people who haven’t studied at all since school as well as people with loads of qualifications.

During the course, we’ll look at all sorts of aspects of helping people through listening, using lots of practical exercises to have a go at using new skills.  We’ll not only explore the skills you need to listen better, but also think about how listening works and what else is necessary for it to work well.  We’ll think about how to set good boundaries to keep clients safe and also to protect you from taking on too much.  There’s lots of friendly class discussion and working in smaller groups as well.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course.

How will I be assessed?

This course leads to the CPCAB level 2 qualification Introduction to Counselling Skills. It’s not academically demanding but you are required to complete a portfolio of evidence to prove you can meet the criteria. You’ll do some writing which describes what you have done, and collect evidence from tutors and classmates too.

What can I do next

This course will help you in any working situation where you’re working with people. You’ll be better able to listen to people’s concerns appropriately and well.

Lots of people find that their interest in counselling is stimulated by this course. If you want to continue your learning, you can progress to a longer course in September, the CPCAB level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills, and then through level 3 and level 4 courses to eventually become a qualified counsellor.

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Start Dates
March 2018
March 2019

Qualifications / Level
Level 2

Study Type
Part Time

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Redditch Campus


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